Garage & The Veil Caged 5,5% 44cl.

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Dortmunder Lager 5,5% Lata 44cl. Barcelona, Cataluña. España

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La segunda colabroación realizada con los cerveceros The Veil brewing. Con ella han alcanzando el climax germano al realizar una dortmunder helles.

The second of our collabs with The Veil is a crispy boi. Dortmunder export is a higher abv lager that strikes a similar balance to a Helles. A golden beer that balances beautiful bready German pils malt, a little touch of crusty Munich malt and a measured amount of noble hops in the form of Tettnang Tettnanger. A water profile with a higher level of minerality is one thing that separates it from other traditional German lagers and leads to a slightly more accentuated bitterness. The overall result is balanced beer that is slightly higher in abv but can easily be drank by the pint. «

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