Garage SOUP DIPA 8,5% 44cl

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Doble NEIPA 8,5% Lata 44cl. Barcelona, Cataluña. España

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Doble NEIPA siguiendo la tradicional receta de la SOUP pero ampliada con una cantidad increible de lúpulos Citra y Mosaic en 3 formatos diferentes: pellet, T90 y cryo.


It’s been a few years since we released a batch of Double Soup and considering we are brewing all things Soup inspired we figured it was high time we brought this back and gave it an 2022 update.

Packed with all of the Citra and Mosaic that you can imagine, this is just oozing tropical, stone fruit and citrus. We hit it with three different hop formats at three stages during fermentation to really weave the deep fruit flavours in.

Two separate Citra and Mosaic Spectrum additions during fermentation lay an already massive mango, pineapple and peach foundation before we added both T90 and Cryo pellets of those two modern classic hops post fermentation. The latter additions really saturate the hop profile into an overripe tropical, stone fruit bonanza. The malt base on this version of Double Soup reflects our current DIPA’s, loaded with flaked wheat and oats to overdrive that creamy, silky body.

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